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This page is a repository for important information about efforts to stop Fastrill Reservoir. Fastrill Reservoir would drown irreplaceable bottomland hardwood habitat that is the heart of the proposed new Neches River National Wildlife Refuge.

Most of the documents are in Adobe PDF format.  Also, many of the documents are quite large.  If you are on a dial-up connection, you will have to be patient. 

  • Fastrill Reservior fact sheet - Look here for a one page fact sheet about Fastrill Reservoir.
  • Letter to Dallas City Council - This is a letter to the Dallas City Council with facts and information about Fastrill Reservoir.
  • Newspaper Article - This article from the Lufkin Daily News discusses local opposition to the reservoir.  We've highlighted some of the relevant information.
  • USFWS Letter - Here is a letter from Jim Neal with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service regarding the quality of the bottom land hardwood habitat that would be drowned by the proposed Fastrill Reservoir.
  • North Neches River National Wildlife Refuge Environmental Assessment - This is a link to the Environmental Assessment for the proposed Neches River National Wildlife Refuge.  The official title of the document is: North Neches River National Wildlife Refuge Establishment Proposal, Environmental Assessment, Conceptual Management Plan, & Land Protection Plan.  Clicking this link will open a new browser window on the Fish and Wildlife Service website.  This document is a very large PDF (2 MB).