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a reservoir project proposed for the Sulphur River in five counties of Northeast Texas, would permanently inundate more than 62,000 acres of forests and family ranches, cost the ratepayers a minimum of $1.7 billion, impose staggering impacts to wildlife habitat, and force thousands of East Texans to sell their land.

Eighty percent of the water from Marvin Nichols Reservoir would be piped to the Dallas/Fort Worth/North Texas area for future water supply.  There are numerous options to meet the DFW area’s future water demands that would cost less and have much lower impact than building a new reservoir.  Water conservation programs could lead to substantial reductions in demand.  Several already-existing sources of supply could be tapped for additional supply.

The attached information documents many of the reasons why Marvin Nichols Reservoir is not an appropriate choice as water supply for North Texas.

Presented by:

National Wildlife Federation (NWF)
The Lone Star Chapter of the Sierra Club
Texas Committee on Natural Resources (TCONR)
Friends United for a Safe Environment (FUSE)
The Sulphur River Oversight Society (SOS)
Ward Timber Company

August, 2003
Updated by TCONR, May, 2004