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This page is a repository for important information about efforts to stop Marvin Nichols Reservoir. Most of the documents are in Adobe PDF format.  Also, many of the documents are quite large.  If you are on a dial-up connection, you will have to be patient. 
  • Marvin Nichols Reservoir Information Booklet  - The opponents of Marvin Nichols Reservoir have prepared a 25 page booklet that will give you a better understanding of why the proposed reservoir is a poor solution for providing water for North Texas.  It offers better alternatives than forcing families off of their land and flooding thousands of acres of rare bottomland hardwoods
  • Quick Fact Sheet - Here is a one page fact sheet about Marvin Nichols and why it is not needed.
  • Maps - Click here to see maps of where Marvin Nichols is and how big its impact will be.
  • Letters - Check here for copies of letters from elected officials, companies, and organizations opposing Marvin Nichols and urging the use of existing reservoirs to supply the water needs of the North Texas.
  • Newspaper Articles and Editorials - Here you will find Dallas Morning News editorials and news articles related to Marvin Nichols and the Dallas water planning process.
  • Presentations, Fact Sheets and Reports - Check here for an archive of important documents.  You will find PowerPoint presentations that the opponents of Marvin Nichols have presented to the Dallas City Council, reports from experts, presentations from Dallas Water Utility consultants, and Sierra Club and TCONR comments the consultants proposals.
  • Fastrill Reservoir - This section contains documents, reports, fact sheets, letters and newspaper articles about another unneeded reservoir that was recently proposed as a water supply lake for Dallas.